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Mondial du Merlot et Assemblages 2023 Un palmarès qui reflète la magie du merlot

La 16ème édition du Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages a rendu son verdict. Le Tessin démontre, une fois de plus, le potentiel de son cépage. Ce canton remporte la majorité des prix spéciaux de ce concours, le seul, au niveau international, consacré entièrement aux vins de la famille Merlot.…

Edition 2023: Sign up has begun !

The 16th edition of the “Mondial du Merlot & Blends” will take place in Sierre from May 5 to 7, 2023. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to let your Merlots shine!

Edition 2022: Sign up has begun !

Sign up has begun for the 15th edition of Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages ! From April 29th - May 1st 2022, judges from Switzerland and other countries will have the privilege of tasting in Ticino, Merlot's Swiss homeland.


Festival of award-winning Merlot wines Presentation
and tasting of award-winning Merlot wines after the awards ceremony.

«This new event allowed me to build on existing contacts in Zurich while creating new ones.»

Cristina Monico, Fattoria Moncucchetto, Lugano, Switzerland | 2016 edition



A Great competition for producers, distributors and importers of Merlot wines (varietal or Merlot-based blends), with the support of the OIV, UIOE, USOE (VINOFED member).


Medal-winning wines (30% of entrants are awarded Great Gold, Gold or Silver) are actively promoted during the events, as well as to national and international media.


As well as medals, a number of special awards are given which boost visibility, namely the Best Wine of the Competition, Prix Gran Maestro du Merlot, and Prix Bio (organic award).

Wines accepted

Entries can be the following: Merlot red varietals (100% Merlot), Merlot rosé and blancs de Merlot, older vintages, blends, Grand Maestro du Merlot.


The Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages judges are experts recruited from 25+ countries. In this capacity, they strictly follow OIV judging guidelines.


VINEA has 25 years experience of organising competitions including the Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages, the Mondial des Pinots and the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse.


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Get the results of previous editions of the Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages.


«The Festival of Award-Winning Merlots is the ideal opportunity to taste and discover the Merlot grape variety in all its diversity.»

Rafael Perez la Torre, Director – Oenotek Sant Zurich, Switzerland | 2016 edition


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