Swiss wine stars announced at Gala des Vins Suisses, Les Frères Dutruy (Founex, VD) voted Swiss Winery of the Year 2017

The stars of the Swiss wine scene were announced at the Gala dinner held in Bern, attended by Switzerland’s major players. Of the 78 short-listed wines from across the country, 39 were award winners, carrying off the first, second and third place prizes given for each of the 13 categories.

This year, all of Switzerland’s wine regions won awards, with canton Valais winning 6 of the competition’s 13 categories. Les Frères Dutruy (Founex, VD) took the highly-coveted prize of Swiss Winery of the Year 2017. The Organic prize was won by Reynald Parmelin (Begnins, VD), with the two Vinissimo awards won by Vinigma Gmbh (Basel, BS) for white wine, and Piccola Vigna (Coldrerio, TI) for the red.

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